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I'm an Awkward Dyslexic Dork set out to prove themselves to a dismissive world. I'm learning to play Violin, speak German, and figuring out how to do accounts.

Coffee (part two)

Julien pried the seat from the table. It’s legs locked with the ornament base. He took a seat opposite of the now accompanied figure. “Mind if I sit here?” Julien wheezing an uneasy rasp, Strangers gave him anxiety but this … Continue reading

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Coffee (part one)

Five PM. Thursday. St. Kerr Street. Julien swilled and tilted his mug to his maw. Thinking admits the buzz of O’Bean’s Cafe, on their longest working day. His thoughts going over a moral dilemma, a crisis of his age at … Continue reading

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Voss’ melody weaver across the train station. So early in the five o’clock morning of the night’s shadow. He only played for an audience that wasn’t there, that no longer is there. Litter flittering with the breeze of the autumn … Continue reading

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